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Chapter 4 - A Shower of Leaves & A Whole Lot of Nostalgia!

"They say you never know what you have till you've lost it". 

"Without you I'm not myself. I feel so lost"

"I miss my fighter. My shield against the rain!"

"One chance is all I ask for"

"This distance has been painful. Why does my heart yearn for you?"

"Come back to me. I promise to replace the old memories with ones new and true."

"Tonight at 8 - Duthie Park. I'll be waiting"

She couldn't believe her eyes. She blinked several times and began reading them again for the fifth time. Khushi even pinched herself. This had to be a dream! She could recognise Arnavs handwriting all too well even after such a long time but this - this could not be real!
After all these year she had relished in the feeling of uninhibited joy once again and more than anything she was not prepared to give that credit to Arnav. For one he didn't deserve it and secondly, she knew he couldn't have done this alone. "He probably got that Aman to tell him what to right" she muttered to herself bitterly.
He wasn't allowed to have filled her life with such misery and then expect her to crumble back to him. It wasn't fair!

"Well that was difficult," he thought to himself as he strolled back and forth through his room for the umpteenth time. Arnav had had to call Alisha, who had become a lot closer to him after Khushi had left, for help. He had been reluctant at first, but he desperately needed to save this relationship, even if it meant going back into the depths of his past and resurrecting the old Arnav.


"Pick up. Pick up. Pick up God damn it!" She screamed at the phone willing the person on the other end to pick up. "Hello, Aryan here. Not able to attend your call at the moment but leave a message and I'll get back to you." She had reached his answering phone for the 6th time. Khushi desperately needed someones help and after years of ignoring all of his attempts to help she finally caved in. "Aryan, it's Khushi here. Just call me back!"

"Khushi!?" Aryan stumbled towards the coffee table and grabbed the phone just on time. "Khushi? What's up?" No explanation needed. Right now she needed someone to support her side and she knew that Aryan would be the only person that would do that.

"Aryan, I'm sorry I'm being this abrupt but I need your help. I'm in Aberdeen."

"Okay whatever you need! Give me a day and I'll be there."

No explanations needed, no questions asked...

She needed to get herself together but she was allowed to reminisce in the good times. A time she would gladly go back to any day.

7 years ago...

In the sunny city of Glasgow, Scotland.

Living a Dream! 

First day of a new chapter!

Khushi was ecstatic and ready to embrace the world. Moving from India to pursue her studies in Britain was a decision made more in the pursuit of independence than anything. She was pampered way too much at home. Granted she didn't have her birth parents but her adoptive parents adored her with as much affection as she imagined her real parent would have. This journey, she hoped would change her life forever, for the better!

"Khushiiii!!!!" Alisha exclaimed as she practically pounced onto Khushi and squealed with delight. "Finally dude! Thought I would die out of awkwardness! No one is normal here man!" Khushi rolled her eyes. "God Alisha you will never change!" She exclaimed. "I just got here and you've already started going on about random people I don't even know yet," she said whilst smacking her friend on the shoulder lightly.
"Okay okay whatever tell me how your flight and all that was then. And how are you liking Glasgow? Fell in love with it's sunshine yet? Apparently we don't get it that much you know? Oh well might as well enjoy it whilst its here then right?" "Khushi! Are you listening to me!?"
"Yes hunny! I'm listening to you, did you even give me a chance to stick in a hmm with your continuous questions? Looks like someones already a bit too high! Have you had alcohol a bit too early missy?" She laughed.
"Shut up dude! I've just missed you so much!" Alisha exclaimed hugging Khushi once more.

Khushi and Alisha had went to school together, they had known each other ever since Khushi had moved in with Alisha's neighbours after the death of Khushis parents. It was together that they had put their application for university in and it was together that they had planned their "pursuit for change". Alisha had arrived in Glasgow a few days before Khushi as her accommodation registration had been booked for an earlier date. She had missed her friend dearly and Khushi could see that the few days of separation and not being able to communicate with each other had clearly affected Alisha. They spent about an hour or so catching up on things and planning the rest of their Freshers week and then began to make their way up to the lecture hall.

"Oh my ghosh Alisha! First lecture! First step in to our pursuit for change! Woohhooo!" She exclaimed.
"I know right? Who would have thought! I can see this going so well!"

"Khushi! Khushi!" Alisha exclaimed as she snapped Khushi out of the almost trance that she seemed to have gone into. Khushi on the other hand was stuck for words. He was here. She gaped at his handsome features with a feeling of utmost annoyance. "What the hell? Yeh yaha kya karraha hain?" She muttered under her breath. He was striding out of the lecture hall with a large group of people laughing and gesturing animatedly with his hands. She could not believe her eyes.

Arnav slowly turned his head around, mid-conversation, as he felt someones eyes on him and that's when his eyes met hers. His eyes immediately narrowed and then he raised his eyebrow and chuckled to himself. "Well well this will be a fun year!" He thought to himself as he winked and walked past her putting his mind back into the conversation that now seemed to have moved onto something else.

Khushis eyes almost shot out of her sockets as she stared at his winking face in shock and with that she looked away fuming with anger.

"Oh la la! Alisha chimed. "The hottest guy in this uni just winked at you! Is there something you are hiding from me KKG?" said Alisha inspecting Khushi from head to toe with narrowed eyes.

"The hottest guy in uni?" Khushi asked, curiousness now getting the better of her.

"Yeh and arrogant - Arnav Sign Raizada! He's like oh my ghosh urgh don't pretend like you don't know!" Alisha exclaimed, becoming even more impatient by the second. While Khushi just stared back at the entrance too confused for words, granted he was handsome but how the hell did Alisha know he was? And why the hell was he at the same uni as her?

P.S. the rest of it till the flash back ends will be continued in the Prequel Blog:
Living a Dream!
Till then enjoy the ride! xxx

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