Thursday, 2 June 2016

Chapter 21 - The Beginning of Something New

I remember it, 
precisely and perfectly, 
the birth of this love.
- Tyler Knott Gregson

Khushi slowly covered Arshia with a blanket, just as she heard Arnav come out of the bathroom, she held onto the edge of the cot for a second or so, deliberating through her thoughts once more. She wanted to, no needed to tell Arnav about what she'd thought she'd heard earlier. Too many secrets had been what had lead to this whole mess. They had nothing more to lose now, she might as well tell him.

She stilled for a fraction of a second as his arms suddenly went around her waist and she was sure she held her breath for a few minutes as she felt his breath, his body against hers.

"Hi," he whispered, and she had to close her eyes as she savoured his husky voice, the feel of him against her and the flutter of her heartbeat as it took off once more in it's erratic beat. She had to gulp to reawaken her voice.

"Hey," she whispered back as he kissed her cheek, his lips slow and purposeful against her skin.

Khushi felt herself floating through a space and time she did not want to come out of, all of her thoughts and worries dissipating. She was losing her coherent thoughts, her mind travelling back to the time when she'd been 18, when he'd held her in the same way.

She turned around slowly, blazing hazel orbs clashing against molten caramel spheres, she let her hands run over the contours of his face, as his curious gaze followed. She let her hand waver over his eyes before she closed them, savouring the innocence in his face before she let her lips fall upon his, taking them in slowly, letting his fingers grapple at her waist as her own fingers tangled through his hair. She could feel his equally reckless heartbeat knock off against hers, feel him losing himself in her embrace.

Her phone rang suddenly, startling them both and it ended as soon as it had begun. His smouldering eyes suddenly appeared panicked as his hands quickly left her. She almost banged into the cot as she ran towards her phone, almost as if they'd been caught doing something they weren't supposed to.

These streets 
Turn me inside out 
Everything shines
But leaves me empty still
And I'll, burn this lonely house down 
If you run with me
If you run with me 

I'll stay with you 
The walls will fall before we do 
Take my hand now 
We'll run forever
I can feel the storm inside you
I'll stay with you 

"Hey," her voice still sounded rattled as she picked up the known number.

"Hey you okay?" Aryan questioned back, sensing the sudden panic in her voice.

"Yeh yeh... I'm fine," she answered quickly, watching Arnav from the corner of her eyes as he leaned over and stroked Arshia's hair, then bent down and placed a gentle kiss upon her forehead.

"I'm more than fine," she smiled.

"Okay good, I've got a task for you," Aryan replied, already flicking through to the pages he required. "You know that doctor that you guys mentioned," he began.

"Dr Das?" She questioned, her coherent thoughts returning to her suddenly as Arnav came and sat next to her, a similar concern on his face.

"Yes that's the bastard! Well I have a task for you and Arnav because unfortunately I am not able to track this vile creature down," he complained in his usual dramatic flair.

Khushi rolled her eyes, almost unable to hide her amusement at Aryan's drama.

Arnav placed his hand upon hers, causing her to look towards him, their gazes meeting and holding as he lifted an eyebrow, portraying his concern.

She shook her head slowly, listening to see if Aryan had anything further to add. She felt his warmth seep through her as he squeezed her hand. And in that moment she knew more than anything that she needed to tell him. She needed to tell him about Anjali.

Fooled by my own desires
I twist my fate
Just to feel you 
But you, turn me toward the light 
And you're one with me
Will you run with me?


Shyam sat back on his small bed, it creaked underneath him as he shifted his position. Sure it was an upgrade up from his nasty prison cell but it definitely wasn't what he was used to, what he wanted from his life. He had had so many aspirations, he could've gotten so much more if it hadn't been for that idiot Arnav.

He had already partly exerted his revenge on Khushi, he had broken her down for her refusal but Arnav, Arnav still had to pay. And pay he would, for taking everything away from him. Shyam sat up abruptly, his bloodshot eyes taking in the board in front of him, taking in all of the pictures and arrows and in the middle of it all, Arnav Singh Raizada.


Anjali sat on her bed, her arms around her son as she looked at the pictures in her hands.

And suddenly she couldn't prevent her memories from assaulting her, memories she hadn't quite remembered so vividly in such a long time. They were of her mother, her father in another woman's arms, of her brother, his blank expression, a boy who had had to grow up too fast. She trembled as she tried to prevent the tears from streaking down her face. Her brother had always been there for her, Arnav had taken that responsibility, first for her and her mother and then for her alone, he had taken his life and placed her in the centre of it, shut off his love, his life behind the promise he had made to keep her safe. And she'd simply watched, silently as he'd ruined himself, stripped himself off everything including Khushi. She'd watched the silent storm raging through his eyes that always gave him away and she hadn't been able to do anything.

But this time it would be different, this time she would save her brother, even if it took everything she had.

She looked at the pictures in her hands, the board, the pictures, the arrows and in the middle of it all her brother. She knew what kind of man Shyam was, it had taken her a long time but she had finally figured him out, but this time he'd have to step up his game, because it wasn't every day that Anjali Singh Raizada played dirty.

I'll stay with you 
The walls will fall before we do
Take my hand now
We'll run forever
I can feel the storm inside you 
I'll stay with you 

Khushi guided Arnav's head onto her lap, his eyes closing as she trailed her fingers through his hair. She tried to keep her nervousness at bay, tried to ease her rapid heartbeat as she thought of the best way to initiate this conversation. After all they'd only just started getting back to normal and she didn't want to jeopardize it all again. They'd only began to trust each other again, she didn't want to break his trust.

She felt his fingers run through hers all of a sudden, causing her fingers to still, her breath hitch in her throat. He sat up suddenly, molten caramel spheres against dazzling hazel. She moved into his touch as he moved back a stray strand of hair and placed his hand on her face.

"What's wrong?" The concern in his eyes was clear and she wondered for the hundredth time where this Arnav had gone all those years ago, she wondered what had shut him out behind the man that had hurt her. And she was scared to awaken him again, she could not calm the storm raging through her heart.

He moved in closer, cradling her face in his hand, "Khushi, kya hua?" He asked once more, he'd always been able to read her and he hated himself for closing that Arnav off. None of this would have happened if he'd just trusted her.

"Arnav," she let their gazes meet once more, let herself drown in his melting chocolate orbs. Taking a deep breath in she began, "Arnav I need to tell you something about Di."

Now come in from this storm 
I taste you sweet and warm 
Take what you need
Take what you need
From me

Wake up this world 
Wake up tonight 
And run with me 
Run to me now 

I'll stay with you 
The walls will fall before we do
Take my hand now 
We'll run forever
I can feel the storm inside you 
I'll stay with you 
The wounds have changed me,
I am soft with scars.
My skin
breathes and beats stars.
- Nayyirah Waheed

Thursday, 3 March 2016

Chapter 20 - In This Moment it's Just Us

I want to be with you, 
it is as simple, 
and as complicated as that.
- Charles Bukowski 

He scrunched his eyes as the dazzling rays of the sun played on his face. She watched his serene face, a small smile on her lips as he moved his hand over his face to shield himself from the beautiful assault. She could watch him forever, the childlike innocence to his face that she rarely got to see, that she hadn't seen in years. Khushi felt light, free, as if all of her worries has been lifted and she could float like the clouds that the sky was so devoid of today. Her gaze moved over to her little girl, her most important possession as she slept serenely in her cot, undisturbed by the harsh realities of the world and Khushi sent a little prayer out that Arshia's life should forever remain that way. 

Khushi watched silently as he finally stirred, scrunching his eyes several times before his arm fell onto her side, as his hands began to search for her in the break of sleep. She decided to walk over and sit down on her side of the bed, let his fingers meet hers before his eyes finally opened. And that's all it took, a single gaze, glimmering hazel against molten soft caramel. She watched as a side of his mouth lifted, in that way that made her heart skip several beats. 

"Hi," she whispered slowly, as his fingers gripped hers tighter. 

"Hi," he whispered back, his husky voice playing with her every sense. 

"Good afternoon," she smiled. 

His eyes widened before he almost leapt out of bed, "what?! Oh my god! How did I manage to sleep in so late?" He questioned, looking at the clock. 

"I may have turned your alarm off," she smiled a small smile, still not quite sure of his reaction, a small corner of her heart still afraid of a sudden outburst. 

He watched her carefully, the small worry in her large hazel eyes and the smile that did not quite meet them. He'd always been able to read her so well why hadn't he opened his eyes earlier? He's have saved them all of these years of heartbreak.

"Thanks," he smiled as he walked over to grab his towel, "I really needed that," he chuckled before walking into the bathroom. 

She sat there for a little while, aware of the speed of her heart beat, the flush of her cheeks as she breathed a sigh of relief. It had been years since she'd last felt this way.

In the morning when you wake up 
I like to believe you are thinking of me
And when the sun comes through your window
I like to believe you've been dreaming of me

I know 
cause I'd spend half this morning 
Thinking about the t-shirt you sleep in 

When I saw you, 
Everyone knew 
I liked the effect that you had on my eyes

But no one else heard
The weight of your words
Or felt the effect that they have on my mind

"I need to speak to Dr Mehta," Aryan waited patiently on the phone, he'd been trying to get a hold of this doctor that seemed to have disappeared into thin air for the last half an hour.

Anjali walked over to Aryan, as he sat with his phone almost plastered to his face, clearly not pleased at something. 

"I thought you could do with some coffee," she smiled before placing the large mug on the table next to him. 

"That's actually perfect!" He grinned, I could do with a pitcher of coffee but I guess a mug will do for now," he joked as she broke into a laugh. 

He liked the way she looked when she laughed, with her head back, her eyes scrunched up, like a small child. There was a part of Aryan that wanted to dislike Anjali. After all this whole house had had a part in breaking apart his best friend but he couldn't bring himself to. Anjali was finally a woman that fascinated him, he'd had his fair share of girlfriends, one that he had almost married but no one had interested him as much as Anjali did. 

"I could bring you over a pitcher if you really need one," she smiled.

"No no it's fine just keep the mugs coming, that way I get to see more of you," Aryan smiled back. 

Anjali blushed a bright shade of pink, not quite sure how to reply just as she heard Arnav clear his throat in the background and she was glad for the interruption. 

Arnav had been observing their unusual camaraderie for quite some time. He'd always been protective of Anjali, and ever since Shyam he was even more vary.

"What's up chotey," Anjali questioned, her eyes inquisitive as she approached him.

He watched her face intently, trying to make sense of whatever it was that was happening between his Di and Aryan before replying, "nothing Di, I'm just going to head out, I've increased the security outside the house but just keep an eye out," he reassured her before walking out.

Anjali didn't have to think twice before picking up the unknown number that was ringing her. She walked into her room, making sure that there was no one in ear shot.

"I'm sure I told you not to phone me whilst I'm at home," she spoke sort of in a whisper as the man on the other ends lips curved up into a smile.

"Rani Sahiba you know I can't survive without listening to your sweet voice," his lies made her blood boil but taking a deep breath she continued. After all you always knew the risks when you decided to play with fire.

"Just get to the point Shyam," Anjali spoke through gritted teeth.

"Fine I need you to lure out Khushi," Shyam's face changed quickly, into a menacing grimace, not wanting to give away much to Anjali. He didn't trust her just yet.

"I'm still working on it," she replied cryptically, not wanting to give anything away to anyone.

"Well hurry up," he snarled before cutting the phone call.

It took Anjali a few more minutes before her breathing returned to normal and rapid beating of her heart calmed down.

Khushi stood stock still for a few seconds, not quite sure what she had eavesdropped on, if she'd even heard the name correctly. Hearing fast approaching footsteps she hurriedly walked away.


Khushi sat on the edge of the bed, their bed as she let her eyes wander around their room, a room which had pretty much remained undisturbed in all these years. There were still little glow in the dark stars on the ceiling, where she'd stuck them all those years ago in a last ditch attempt to make a home out of the place. Some of the clothes she'd left behind like the sari she'd worn the night before she'd left still remained neatly folded in the wardrobe. She walked over slowly to her bag, still in two minds over whether she should unpack. They seemed to have crossed a bridge of sorts and a large amount of normalcy had returned almost over night.

She'd woken up in the morning gasping for air, the blur of her memories playing out in her mind. She'd looked around the room, the cot in the corner with Arshia sound asleep, the pool area so devoid of his plants and yet still had not been able to prevent the fear of history repeating itself creeping up on her. She'd tried to move out of the bed, do anything to reassure herself that he wouldn't ask her to leave all over again when the weight of a warm arm had weighed her down. His words had played back in her mind then, and the innocence that overtook his face when he slept had prevented her from breaking down all over again.

"Hey baby," she smiled just then as she felt small arms go around her leg, bending down to pick up her beautiful angel. Her long curls framed her face as Arshia smiled back at her, clapping her small hands in glee.

"Do you wanna help Mamma unpack?" She cooed kissing her soft cheeks as Arshia giggled in return.

Arnav paused at the door, a smile already creeping upon his lips. He felt he could watch them forever and never tire of it.

"Should Mamma unpack?" Khushi giggled back with her little girl as she tickled Arshia.

"Mamma should definitely unpack," she paused for a second, she'd never been able to resist that husky voice of his, especially now that she knew that he had always loved her.

She let her eyes lift up to his face as he walked to stand in front of her, sparkling hazel against molten caramel orbs.

"Are you sure?" He could still see the fear that rested in a corner of her heart, a part of the Khushi that he'd torn apart.

He let their gazes meet for a few seconds, the sincerity in his eyes something she could no longer dismiss before he took Arshia, "we'll help you," he smiled that lop-sided smile of his as placing Arshia on the floor he began to lift her clothes out of her bag.

She hesitated for a few seconds before bending down to take the clothes he handed from him, their gazes colliding, the sincerity within them no longer a secret. Khushi wasn't quite sure yet whether she wanted to tell him about what she may or may not have overheard. She decided to keep it to herself until she was sure instead.

There were things that Arnav wanted to ask her, things that still gave him nightmares. He wanted to right his every wrong, cherish her, love her till there was no more love left inside of him and then some more, he wanted to know about the things that hurt her, the things that made her happy. How much had she changed, how much did she think he had? But he would have to leave those for another day, for now he would tread carefully, for now he had to make these moments count.

I know 
cause I'd spend half this morning 
Thinking about the t-shirt you sleep in 

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