Wednesday, 9 May 2012



She looked up at the still sky of a wonderful summers day. The weather constantly reminding her of the cities changing mood. ten months of grey gloom and two months of blinding sunshine. Moving was stressful and staying away from family painful but for now this was the way her life was flowing, with subtle changes here and there but stable as it had ever been. She looked at the peaks of the mountains still with a glint of snow speckled on their curvy forms carrying the remainders of an uneventful winter. She was still finding herself attempting to find out what she really wanted from life. She tried to put the bitter and sweet memories of her past behind her but it was especially during times like this that they came back to torment her. Her eyes brimmed with a sorrow held deep within. She once again let only a single lone tear shed from her eyes in remembrance of a past that she knew she would never get back.

Suddenly the clear sky had changed into one of rapidly moving clouds, the gloom began to surround her. She retreated back into her flat. The skies were changing a storm was looming ahead and deep inside she felt the shadow of change.

Arnav boarded off of the flight and strode through the tunnel into the lounge. The summer he had expected to arrive to was nowhere to be seen. Rain was pelting down on the windows around him. "Just perfect for me" he thought to himself. Arnav Singh Raizada didn't give a damn about the weather never had, never would. That was her; the sunshine made her happy and shine, the rain brought out the child in her. A brief smile passed over his face as he remembered Khushi. With that his features abruptly darkened as he was reminded of a past he could not change and a future which held only darkness. He could feel a small seed of hope planting itself in his mind and then attempted to dismiss it. Arnav Singh Raizada never let his heart control him and he would make sure it wouldn't in the future either. It was his game and he never changed the rules.

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