Thursday, 10 May 2012

Chapter 2 - A Starless Sky

"What the!?" "Did she just push me out of the way and run?" "How dare she?" Arnav gritted his teeth as anger erupted inside him. He clenched his fists and let the fire that exploded inside him consume his whole being. He wanted to grab each and every table and topple them over. Throw them into the middle and light them on fire. He glared at the chair she had been seated at a mere two seconds ago with a sheer look of hatred as he clenched his jaw.

That's when he saw her half finished mug of coffee. Her scarf still hanging off of the back of the chair. Her smell lingering all around him and a sudden calm took over. That's when he remembered her helpless face, how her eyes at first had shone with eagerness and anticipation and how abruptly they had darkened to immense fear. The helplessness that had slowly crept on to the contours of her face. He closed his eyes as regret crushed through his soul. This is what he evoked in her - fear!

Two years back...

Khushi was waiting for her husband to come back from work. Her wedding had been nowhere near perfect and she was never accepted as his wife. But after failed attempts and the knowledge that possibly nothing she did could make anything better she had decided to fulfill her duties of a wife. The mangalsutra around her neck and the sindoor that adorned her forehead had sealed her fate. She would from now on do everything she possibly could to follow the path that had been lain before her.

Arnav stormed into the house and stomped up the stairs, ignoring every face that turned towards him.

She was standing at the french doors looking up at the night sky - it was starless. She felt almost scared. The stars were always supposed to be there, shining and looking down on her.

He took three long strides towards her and grabbed her by the wrist, strong enough to crush bone. She winced in pain as he glared down at her. She struggled to break free when he grabbed her neck with his other hand and slammed her fragile body against the wardrobe door. She closed her eyes as tears sprung out of them.

A lone warm tear streamed down over his pronounced knuckles and he immediately let her go. Recoiling in horror at what he was doing, at what he was about to do. He witnessed her whole being tremble and averted his gaze in disgust at himself. Suddenly, Shyams mocking face appeared in his mind and he stalked out of the room disgusted at her.

Khushi slowly slid to the floor her palms covering her face as she let the tears flow. It wasn't the first time and she knew it would not be the last...

Back to the present...

Khushis hurried steps began to falter as she came to a slow but abrupt halt. She felt torn. She wanted to run back into his arms and let herself go. She wanted to forget the past and for once imagine the future she had always believed would come true. A whirlwind of emotions and memories overtook her and she stood rooted to the spot unable to move.

Arnav slowly took her soft scarf and folded it into his hand. He closed his eyes and shook with regret remembering what he had done to her, the pain he had put her through. And at that precise moment he knew he needed to change for the sake of the woman he loved the most and had hurt the most and the one he could not bare to lose again. His mind worked on auto-pilot as his steps traced back the way and he stepped out onto a now gloomy square.

His eyes searched for her among the faces rushing past the square and that's when he saw her. Standing with her back towards him, only a few steps away, almost rooted to the spot.

I can't win, I can't reign
I will never win this game
Without you, without you

 He started advancing towards her knowing that this may be his only chance, knowing deep inside that gaining her forgiveness would not be impossible.

I am lost, I am vain
I will never be the same
Without you, without you

He took slow, deliberate, desperate steps towards her.

She felt his presence almost immediately, she wanted to move but couldn't.

I won't run, I won't fly
I will never make it by
Without you, without you

He was now standing right behind her. She felt the weight of his hand as it rested on her shoulder, as his other hand slowly took her waste and turned her around to face him.

I can't rest, I can't fight
All I need is you and I,
Without you, without... You!

Their eyes met and held as she witnessed the pain and regret in his eyes and not for the first time in her life wanted to lose herself in him forever.

Lyrics credit Without you by David Guetta feat. Usher

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